Siblingship Testing

There are two types of DNA Siblingship tests: Full siblingship and Half siblingship. A siblingship test provides the likelihood of relationship between two possible siblings, specifically when no other relatives are available for testing. Like an avuncular test, this test should only be used as a last resort when attempting to determine paternity.

A Full Siblingship test is performed when both parties (alleged siblings) know they share the same mother, but want to determine if they share the same father.

A Half Siblingship test is performed when both parties (alleged siblings) know that they have different mothers but want to know if they share the same father.

Specimen collections for this type of test require a non-invasive cheek swab collection from both parties.  A specimen from the mother(s) in either type of test is encourage but not required.

Because of the rare instances for this type of DNA test, only a Legal Test is performed. Therefore, legal, government issued, photo identification is required for all participants. If a child does not have photo identification, a birth certificate, social security card or medical card with the child’s name should be produced.



Please Note: If a specimen collection is required to be performed in a location outside the Carolina Testing service area, we will arrange for the collection to be scheduled using our nationwide network of service providers. There is an additional specimen collection fee of $60.00 per collection that is not able to be conducted at a Carolina Testing office.

Turnaround Time: 7-10 Business Days

*Turnaround time starts once the lab receives specimens from ALL parties in the case.