Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the results received from an FYI (For Your Own Information) paternity test are not valid for legal purposes. You will need to have anew DNA test completed as a Legal Test with proper identification and chain of custody in order for the test results to be valid for legal purposes.

Yes. Special DNA testing can be conducted using paternal grandparents, full paternal siblings and other methods. We are happy to discuss these options and educated you on how best to proceed.

Testing DNA from objects is possible. There are additional, non-refundable costs involved in determining if an object has DNA on it that is able to be tested. Also, DNA tests from personal objects do not allow for legal chain of custody and may not be used in court or for legal purposes.

Yes. We can arrange for any party to have their specimen collection completed at any one of our 3,000+ certified collection sites nationwide. International collections may also be arranged. Off site collections may incurr additional fees.

No. Parties may come in for specimen collections at different times. Testing at the laboratory does not begin until all specimens have been received.

Paternity and Maternity test results are received within 3-5 business days. All other testing including pre-natal paternity tests take 7-10 business days for results.

The laboratory used to perform these DNA tests is the largest DNA testing laboratory in the world and is located in the United States. All testing undergoes two separate rounds of testing to insure accuracy. Those test results are then read, analyzed and certified by fully certified and accredited scientists. The laboratory is fully accredited and certified in all aspects of testing that they provide. Typical paternity tests will result in 99.999% accuracy determinations.