Avuncular Testing

A DNA Avuncular Test is performed to determine if two individuals are related to each other as aunt-nephew(niece) or as uncle-nephew(niece). This test may be used to assist in determining paternity if the alleged father is not available for testing, but a biological full sibling of the alleged father is available. The mother is strongly encouraged to participate. This should be the last resort of testing if father and paternal grandparents are not available.

Specimen collections for this type of test require a non-invasive cheek swab collection from the child and a full biological sibling of the alleged father.

Because of the rare instances for this type of DNA test as well as multiple variables, this test is only able to be used to determine relatedness and not necessarily paternity. This test and its results are for your own personal knowledge and may not be used for legal purposes.



Online ordering is not available for avuncular testing at this time. Please call 877-99-DADDY or he***@da**********.com">email our office to order and schedule prenatal paternity testing.  

Turnaround Time: 7-10 Business Days*

*Turnaround time starts once the lab receives specimens from ALL parties in the case.