Prenatal Paternity

prenatal paternityPrenatal Paternity Testing determines biological paternity before the baby is born. Testing can be performed after 9 weeks of pregnancy. Until recently, prenatal paternity testing was limited to using amniocentesis or chorionic villi samples collected by an OB-GYN. These processes have been known to cause complications and a risk to the child. Current methods of testing now require a simple blood draw from the mother resulting in ZERO risk to the child or mother.

Specimen collections for this type of test include a simple blood draw from the mother and a non-invasive cheek swab collection from the alleged father(s).

All prenatal tests results are collected for legal purposes only and are admissible in a court of law.  All test participants will be required to produce a legal, government issued, photo identification prior to the collections beginning.

For paternity testing after the baby has been born, please visit our paternity testing page.



Turnaround Time*: 7-10 Business Days

*Turnaround time starts once the lab receives specimens from ALL parties in the case.